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If the typical legacy airline career seems a bit too strait-laced and cookie-cutter for your inner rebel, maybe Jetlines would fit you just right. We are the country's first true Ultra Low Fare Airline and together we will Make Flying Suck Less!

We enable and encourage our carefully selected, well-trained professionals to function with freedom, creating the highest degree of SAFETY. For us, safety is not a slogan, it is a thoughtfully created outcome by the careful actions of our capable Team Members working together. Just like we care for our loved ones, we extend this same thoughtfulness and attention to our daily actions here at Jetlines.

The Ultra Low Fare Airline Model - Making Flying Suck Less

In just two decades, the Ultra Low Fare Airline model has proven to be highly popular and successful throughout the world. While they are taking off elsewhere, there hasn't been any in Canada; thus millions of travelers remain on the ground as air travel appears to be made out of unobtanium.

We are Jetlines; serving the under-served with a new way to fly for a fraction of the competitions' price; the proven Ultra Low Fares way. Because Canadians should have access to affordable air travel. Because everyone - from our people to our passengers - deserves an airline that flies for them. Because any other way is a rip-off.

And, as part of a fast-growing company, everyone enjoys the opportunities to make their mark and bring about a real difference. If flexible, nimble, agile, efficient, warm, kind and always friendly describes you, you have come to the right place!

Our screening, testing and interviewing process is designed to help you find the people that align with the culture you have always wanted to build.

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